Ayurveda Palm Garden

Ahangama, Sri Lanka

One and Only Ayurvedic Complex

The Idea of creation Ayurveda Palm Garden Resort came from a very old ancient health system «Ayurveda», e.g. Ayur – life and Veda - cognition, which is a science of long life and It is roots go back to 3000 BC. Ayurveda knows as holistic Indian and traditional Sri Lankan knowledge and treatment process which heals body, mind, soul and its continues to be one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems. Today Ayurveda is not only considered to be merely a summary of therapy based on herbal, animal, and mineral resources of the world, but it is a unique philosophy of life and living.

Ayurveda object - to counteract the imbalance of the three essential forces of the body "Vata", "Pita", "Kapha". These forces constitute the "Tridosha" from which the human body originates. The "Tridosha" regulates the normal working balance of the human body and it is organic material of entities which responsible for birth, existence and death. Similarly, "Vata", "Pita", "Kapha" are responsible for smooth working of organic creation.

We believe that main aim of Ayurveda Palm Garden Resort is to help people balance their energy system in the body. Our treatment will be not only for people with health problems, or who wants to avoid entering harmful supplements in their body, but also our Ayurveda procedures can be applied for those who want to be balanced with their organism and give him what it wants. Ayurveda Palm Garden Resort will help people cure the diseases from the roots, without any side effects from the offered procedures and natural medicines. We hope that by offering Ayurvedic treatment in our Resort, our guests will have understood in full, wisdom of their body and mind in order to stay vibrant and healthy, by realizing their full human potential.

Body-Mind Treatment and Caring

We have established a long term relationships with one of our partners Doctor Chandramali and her Ayurveda House, who is a professional Ayurvedic expert. With a family history of Ayurveda spanning over 300 years, Dr. Chandramali and her Ayurvedic treatments are well known in Sri Lanka. In Ayurveda Palm Garden Resort, Dr. Chandramali and her team of professionals will be offering to our guests best of both worlds.

By individually examining temperament, learning life style, diet, sleeping habits and personality of our guests, Dr. Chandramali will determine the balance of clients’ inner elemental «dosha» energies to provide an individualized programs of relaxing spa treatments, exercises, herbal medicine, dedicated healthy diet plan as well as range of relaxing therapies include Ayurveda’s most iconic treatment "shirodhara" - a stream of fragrant oil drizzled onto the third eye and other pressure points from a suspended receptacle. The oil is known for its nourishing and nurturing properties, and helps with insomnia, dry skin, headaches and migraines and sciatica.

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