Guest guidelines

We’re welcoming you in AYURVEDA PALM GARDEN - traditional Ayurvedic resort, located in serene place of Sri-Lanka. From the very beginning of your staying we’re trying to create a special environment and ambiance for your best comfort and rejuvenating.

Please kindly observe the following guidelines

General rules


  • Our concept is to provide a peaceful and calm atmosphere for all our guests. We’re kindly asking you to keep a comfort salience in dining hall, near swimming pool and other public places for not to disturb other guests.
  • Please don’t use any loud sounds in your gadgets, as it can disturb others.
  • Kindly use relevant clothes while visiting restaurant, yoga hall, lounges, beach. Wearing bikini and swimming suits in dining hall is prohibited.
  • Please don’t leave all your valuables including your credit cards and passport outside. Keep it in digital safety locker in your room.

Panchakarma is a delicate yet powerful process of purifying and detoxifying your body and mind. During panchakarma some strict guidelines and rules have to be followed to achieve maximum effect of the treatment.

Panchakarma instructions


  • Your panchakarma starts with a consultation and ayurvedic diagnosis with our Doctor. He will suggest you the best plan of treatment, based on the present state of your health. Please follow his prescriptions as closely as possible.
  • Please provide full information about your health to the Doctor.
  • Kindly adhere to the diet prescribed by the Doctor. Consuming other kinds of food may disturb the cleansing process.
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden during panchkarma.
  • Consummation of alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden during panchkarma.
  • Please be on time for your ayurvedic treatment sessions.
  • If you feel the need to adjust your treatment plan or the way your treatment is being providing to you, please first inform the Doctor.
  • Early to bed and early to rise is the lifestyle recommended in AYURVEDA PALM GARDEN.
  • Try not to sleep during the day but do sleep properly during night.
  • Kindly adhere to your yoga timings. Yoga complements the therapy, so please ensure that you do not miss out on it.
  • Sunbathing or too much exposure to the sun should be avoided during panchakarma.
  • Do not go directly to the pool or sea after the treatment.
  • Reduce the usage of mobile phone and laptops.