It is commonly known that a healthy lifestyle starts from healthy food you put on your plate. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that healthy and balanced eating lies at the core of Ayurvedic treatment and disease prevention. Here, at Ayurveda Palm Garden resort, you will enjoy natural and nutritious Ayurvedic dishes and some culinary surprises our chefs have in store for guests.

As Ayurvedic cuisine is inseparable from Ayurvedic philosophical concepts, Ayurvedic practitioners tend to believe that there are preferred products corresponding to your dosha and food that puts your health at risk. No worries, at Ayurveda Palm Garden Resort you will be offered a menu crafted for your dosha by the doctor, and all the dishes will be freshly cooked with 100% locally sourced natural ingredients. Just by eating food in accordance with your dominant dosha you will get back on the right track and thoroughly improve your physique and mental health.

In case there is a vision of unsalted steamed veggies lying cold on your plate haunting you, we do need to clarify a few things about Ayurvedic cuisine. Yes, you have to be prepared to change. Right, there will be no BBQ menu, no French fries, no classic desserts.

However, your vegetarian future is not going to be as grim as it sounds. On the contrary, you will hardly be able to keep strict count of your culinary blessings. Just think of a bowl of rice porridge with coconut milk, spinach cream soup with vibrant spicy notes or hand-made crispy roti flatbread (highly addictive!). These are just a few delights – super healthy and sooo delicious! – awaiting you at Ayurveda Palm Garden restaurant. Get a glimpse of our weekly menu to see what your gloriously vegetarian future holds.

The bottom line is that after a detox period, with a cleansed body and an open mind, you will feel the need neither for sizzling pork ribs nor cold beer, but for versatile, nutritious and tasty quality food that will keep you in perfect shape. As a bonus, your healthy body and mind will continue making healthy food choices in the days and years to come. Until then, you should take the first step on your way towards physical and mental health at Ayurveda Palm Garden Resort.