Will Ayurveda work for you?

You have picked the right time and place to cast your doubts aside. Here, at Ayurveda Palm Garden Resort, you will bid farewell to excess pounds/kilos, toxins, bacteria and welcome a new life where your digestive system works like a charm, naturally boosting energy and strengthening your immune system. You will improve your mindfulness and see your healthy mind take a firm grip on your emotions and make healthy choices for your body instead of indulging in the guilty pleasures of a stressful life.

To ensure your needs meet your expectations, we have invited Doctor Chandramali, a lifelong Ayurveda expert and a member of the family dynasty that has been passing Ayurvedic traditions down from generation to generation for the past 300 years, and an amazing team of Ayurveda practitioners from her clinic. We have been painstakingly filtering and choosing the best experts who we can fully rely on for the wellbeing of our dear guests to make sure they get the best of both worlds – Ayurvedic treatment and comfort.


You will first meet Doctor Chandramali before treatment starts. Make sure you address all your concerns to our noted expert. Give a detailed account of each aspect of your lifestyle: daily routines, sleeping and eating habits. Produce doctors’ prescriptions, recommendations, medical test/screening results if you have any. This will help Doctor Chandramali draft a personalized treatment plan that embraces a healthy diet, medications and therapies. You will also be advised to make a few changes into your daily routines, sleeping and eating habits, physical activity levels and herbal supplements intake – all the gentle touches that will soon paint a healthier and happier picture of your life. Following the doctor’s recommendations will ensure the effect of the Ayurvedic treatment will last longer.


For better results and long-lasting effects, your treatment plan will comprise a bulk of highly-individualized measures meant to work for you only. This brings us to the point where we should encourage you to be fully prepared and aware of what we are doing for you and how each step of your treatment plan, be it a purification procedure or a therapy, works. We hope you will be well prepared to take an active part in the treatment to fully restore the balance in your body and mind in the here and now and build a solid foundation for the further development of your newly-regained healthy habits for the years to come.